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Bamach Oy is a leading importer of bakery machines in Finland. Bamach Oy is the subsidiary of the Finnvacum Group. The Group employs approx. 50 people and the yearly group turnover is approx. 16 million euros. Please see PM Digi Oy joined the Group in 2008.


The Group is a financially strong, leading supplier of packaging machines and materials to the meat, fish and dairy industries. The service organization covers the whole country. Additionally plastic vacuum bags, which are produced by the Group, are exported to Russia, Sweden and Estonia.


The managing director of Bamach Oy is mr. Henrik Järnström, who has a lot of experience in selling bakery machines and packaging machines in Finland.


The product range of Bamach Oy has broadened a lot during 2004-2011.


The VAT number: FI08321861.




Address: Kraputie 2, 00890 Helsinki, Finland.

This is apprx. 18 km from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.


Tel/ switchboard: + 358 9 278 6250

Fax: + 358 9 2786 2581.


Henrik Järnström, Managing Director 

Gsm: +358 40 835 7296, henrik.jarnstrom(at)


Magnus Nyberg, Sales Manager

Gsm: +358 400 164 510, magnus.nyberg(at)


A new daughter company Bamach Eesti Oü was founded together with Baltic Pack Est in July 2006 to handle the sales in Estonia. The sales manager of Bamach Eesti Oü is mr. Martin Simonov. His phone numbers are + 372 446 1692 and GSM + 372 53 468 058. The company is located in Lao 8, 80010 Pärnu.